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EP Armory - Your 80% Specialist for Do-It-Yourself Firearms

Hello fellow Second Amendment supporters!
We are EP Armory LLC located in Bakersfield, California. We've been building and selling custom AR15s since 2007. After dealing with multiple manufacturers to complete a build, we saw a lot of room for improvement. Because of that experience, we decided to become manufactures and perfect the 80% DIY firearm process by coming up with innovative new techniques that would allow anyone to easily build their own firearm at home.

Since mid-2012, we've made our vision a reality by ensuring our products are easy to understand, simple to build and perfect in functionality. Our products are able to stand up to the harshest conditions. We stand by our word to ensure your satisfaction with our products. We strive for 100% positive feedback. We've become the frontrunners of 80% AR15 manufacturing by creating the first complete polymer, no-jig-required AR15 build. Our composites are the first of their kind in this market and have been extensively tested and perfected.

All EP Armory employees are firm Second Amendment supporters who promise to supply all law-abiding citizens the chance to legally complete an AR build. Contact us with any questions!