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E P Armory has made dramatic changes to the design of the Adaptable Jig System exclusively from our machine shop. We have purchased from multiple companies in multiple AR platforms to ensure proper fitment and function.

Make your own AR-15 or AR9 platform without the hassle of serial numbers and registration.
Get your own 80 percent lower receiver today and put the second amendment back into your hands.


Simple jig system that fits every 80 lower we have been able to find on the market. You will need a set of drill bits for the hammer trigger hole (5/32) as well as a drill bit for the safety hole (3/8). Lastly finishing the FCG will require either a mill bit or you can also use a router with our jig. Both work very easy and we have used both methods routinely.

Mill bits and drill bits can be found in the tools section here on the website.

How to use the Adaptable jig:
  • Clearing the FCG use a mill bit or bur monster. Clear the center of the FCG and do not use the side of the top plate until the cutting area of the mill or drill bit has cleared the top shelf. This will keep the top plate in good tolerance for more builds.
  • Fire control group area is 1.24 inches in depth (1200rpm On aluminum use air and light lubrication if using a drill press, Suction or forced air if using a router, Suction or forced air if using a dremel), (1200+rpm on Kevlar lowers use heavy air or suction to keep material and bit cool, Same if using a router or dremel).
  • Hammer pin hole 5/32 drill size from both sides. ( do not drill straight through )
  • Trigger pin hole 5/32 drill size from both sides.  ( do not drill straight through )
  • Safety selector hole 3/8 drill bit from both sides.   ( do not drill straight through )
  • To complete trigger slot remove 4 top plate bolts and rotate the top plate. Install the top plate with the trigger guide over the completed FCG area.
  • Trigger slot use 1/4 mill bit or bur monster and clear through the bottom shelf of the receiver. Clean up with light sanding if needed.

Jig does NOT cover rear lug pattern. All of our 80's have the rear lug patter completed.

:Installation of the JIG-

  1. Install the right side plate so that the peg is inserted straight into the magazine button release hole flush
  2. Install the left plate and use the screws to pull the two side plates together
  3. Tighten both side plates
  4. Install the top plate with the trigger pocket to the front of the lower receiver
  5. After completion of the FCG spin top plate
  6. Drill or machine the trigger slow

  7. Install the LPK

5 Stars
retired military
This is a must to accurately lining up the trigger, safety and hammer holes to drill. The jig made the milling very easy on the 80% polymer lower I purchased from EP Armory. They sell replacement plates for the jig if you over cut when milling your lower. I'm satisfied with the purchased. I would recommend this to anyone looking for an inexpensive way to build an AR lower.
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Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from vancouver, washington . on 3/26/2018
5 Stars
Very well made, but...
When attaching the jig to my EP lower the jig corners hit on the buffer tube attachment preventing the jig assembly holes from lining up. Some light sanding on the corners and everything went together nicely.
Did you find this helpful?  56 of 74 Found Helpful
Reviewed by:  from Ackley. on 7/3/2018
5 Stars
Bought this jig with an EP-80 and I couldn't be happier with both. Shipped from Cali on Monday night, at my doorstep on the east coast on Thursday afternoon. Had to jiggle it around and watch the video on how to clamp it onto the lower. It fits like a rubber glove. Very sturdy aluminum construction. Here's what I don't understand - Why by a junky poly jig for twice the price from someone else. I can see this once finishing quite a few 80%s before I need to replace anything and that'll probably be the screws. 5 stars and 2 thumbs up to EP Armory. It even came with 2 bad-ass stickers. You guys rock!
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Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from East Coast. on 9/1/2018
5 Stars
The jig worked perfect on my AR15 5.56, 9mm glock and Colt lower builds. I was able to get an extremely clean cut with a little patience and good tooling. I would definitely recommend this jig to any other on the market.
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Reviewed by:  from Bakersfield. on 5/16/2018
3 Stars
Fits / Not Finished
The jig seems to fit an 80% lower well, but it lacks the black anodized finish and logo shown in the product images. The tapped holes seem a little rough, but the screws do fit. At this time, it looks as though you can purchase the entire jig as individual parts for $4 less than the complete kit.
Did you find this helpful?  20 of 33 Found Helpful
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Oregon. on 3/13/2018

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