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NEW AK Receiver Blank Drilling Fixture 7.62 & 5.45

NEW AK Receiver Blank Drilling Fixture 7.62 & 5.45

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Part Number:V-4-AKB
Receiver Blank Drilling Fixture

This tool is designed to be used with 1mm 80% receivers with OR without rails and center supports installed. The bottom of the fixture is also setup to be used if your receiver has trigger humps.  The fixture is machined and heat treated to last through the drilling of several blanks. Tool has a black oxide coating and the holes are laser marked with the proper drill bit sizes.

Drills Hammer Pin, Trigger Pin, Selector Lever, Center Support & Trigger Guard Holes

Drill Bits Included: 5/32", 7/32", 5mm, 7mm, 10mm

The stop pin for the rear of the trigger opening is the key to getting it aligned in the fixture.
After that it's just as simple as putting in the receiver support and setting the fixture on the aluminum plate on your drill press.

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