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Very good value
I find the idea of making my devices "compliant" distasteful, at best. However, given the necessity of doing so in order to continue exercising my basic American civil right in the highly anti-freedom state of California, I have found this particular magazine locking device to be a fantastic value, and the finished quality is excellent. Installation is so easy, my four year old could probably do it with his eyes closed, and, unfortunately, the device does exactly what it is supposed to do. I am quite happy with the price and quality, and have already recommended it to a few other people.
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Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Bakersfield, CA. on 8/24/2017
5 Stars
BLack Bell
EP Mag Lock.....So as one has stated it "looks" like the Patriot, or the AR Mag Lock, but its no more a rip off than those 2 products are of each other! This one isnt "ripping" your pockets and giving you unnecessary stuff like the AR MAG Lock and Patriot MAG Lock do for 3.5 times the price of $49.99 plus shipping either. For $15 your CA compliant and that's all that matters in the end and you can buy more of these EP MAG LOCK KITS because keep it real $50 bucks is way to much to charge for Mag Lock kits!!! Thanks EP Armory!!! Fix that Rear take Down whole in your Polymer Lowers though, it still sticks lick its welded in place!
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Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from LA. on 11/27/2017
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A Decent alternative to button mods.
While I would not recommend as a project for a 4 year old, it provides a hopefully legal path for an AR in California. Under the fixed magazine concept, the bolt hold open part is in ones way as the bolt must be seated in order to break the upper and lower receivers in order to remove/replace the magazine(10 or less rds.). A bolt hold open part just causes an extra step in magazine exchange. Installed this on a poly lower (Vortek) and found that the lower flexed enough that I could not achieve a magazine lock which worked on all of my various brands. That did not become a problem on my forged lower and with a little fine tuning with a metal file, it functions as advertised. I would give it 5 stars if the product was finished in black and the hole to attach the device was a little smaller/tighter to accommodate less play. Kudos for such a simple answer to Sacramento,s complex gun control obsession.
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Reviewed by:  from Ojai, CA. on 10/17/2017
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I've seen this
So to me this just looks like a rip off of the patriot mag lock device, nothing new or ground braking here
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Reviewed by:  from Pasadena ca. on 11/1/2017
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Great for AR-15
Great product however I purchased this for my AR10 and it will not work. To get the threads to "catch" the mag catch is all the way against my lower receiver. No way to make it to where it will function.
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Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Yucca Valley. on 1/31/2018


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